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Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Party Venue

Choosing the perfect party venues doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, with some easy to follow tips, it can be a breeze. No matter what type of event that you're hosting, the following tips can be used to make sure that you choose a party hall that you and your guests will love.

Consider the Type of Event

Make sure that your venue fits, the purpose of the event. You want guests to feel comfortable, so this is very important. You would want a high-end venue with spectacular decor for a wedding, or anniversary, you would not necessarily want the same thing for a child's birthday party.

Be Clear About what is Included in the Price

This is very important to avoid confusion and stress on the day of the event. Some things to be sure of include:

  • Whether tables, chairs, and linens are included.

  • Any special lighting that you require.

  • Food. If you want to make your own food, make sure it's allowed.

  • If food is not included, ask about a food prep area.

Outside Vendors

It's important to be clear about outside vendors. Some venues require that you use only those from their approved vendor list. This can include everything from the cake, to the DJ. While some people like not having to worry about finding their own vendors, some do want their own, so be sure to check. In other words, if you want your cousin or best friend to DJ your wedding, make sure that it's allowed by the venue.

Space for Your Entertainment

Make sure there is enough space for your entertainment. This is usually more of a concern if you're having a live band, as opposed to a DJ. Keep this in mind as you view party venues.

Go Over the Contract

Be sure that everything that you have agreed upon, is in the contract. If you add something once you've signed the contract, be sure that it's been added in, and you've initialed it. A good rule of thumb is, 'if it's not in the contract, it didn't happen'. Never rely on an oral agreement. A written contract always holds more weight than a verbal agreement.

Finding your party hall will be much easier when you keep the above tips in mind. It's important to have answers to all your questions before you sign the contract. If you're not clear about something, ask. Make sure the venue is suitable for your event. Above all, have a great time.

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