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Event Space Booking: Does the Venue Offer These?

Are you in the market for a party space for your next wedding, graduation, reunion, business meeting, or industry lecture? Well, before you put down money for a deposit, stop yourself, and be sure to ask your prospective event hall managers about the following important aspects of their property. 

ADA Compliance

ADA refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act. This is sweeping legislation that made it a legal requirement for public establishments and employers to provide anything that a disabled person would need for mobility, and other requirements to help them to manage their healthcare needs.  

As it pertains to public establishments, they are required to provide disability accommodations such as ramps for wheel chairs and scooters, indoor and outdoor ramps to assist those on canes, etc. If someone in your party is disabled, then it's important to find an event space that offers ADA accommodations for anyone in need. 

Wi-Fi Capabilities There are several reasons why event planners would require Wi-Fi access within an event hall. Even genteel and romantic events such as weddings might require the use of online slide shows, and graphics. D.J.s and M.C.s require Wi-Fi because they pre-record their musical set lists. And it's very common for the master of ceremony to read scripts and prompts off mobile devices.  Event spaces also rent time out for events such as banquets, business presentations, and meetings. Certainly, any type of function that relates to business requires the use of multiple websites, Power Point presentations, or slide shows. A person performing an industry lecture will need the capability to read notes and project their talking points. 

Seating and Space Charts  

Let's face it: Before you can place a deposit down on space for your next event, you'll need to know how many people the space can accommodate. This is especially true if you're hosting a wedding and reception, because these are the type of events where uninvited guests always find their way into the event, and the invited guest list grows out of control. So it's crucial to find a party space that offers a little more space than what you originally anticipated. 

On the other hand, if you wish to host a business event, a lecture, or a sales meeting, then renting out a huge party hall is overkill, and it will cost above your budgeting needs. A good event hall will be able to also accommodate smaller group events by allowing the rental of appropriately sized rooms. Finally, the hall should offer enough space for all your event equipment, along with food stations if necessary. 

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